Lost Settings, Live Templates and Key Bindings after upgradeing 14.1.2 --> 14.1.3

After running the patch upgrade from 14.1.2 to 14.1.3 I lost some of my previous settings, lost all my customized key bindins and all my customized live templates.
Is this a known issue?

I'm running IntelliJ on Linux Mint 17 (Mate).

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Please check your config folder (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23358108).

Do you still have your template files and keymap files there?

IDEA should preserve the files in this folder during updates.

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Indeed the config/keymap directory was missing my keymap. It only had "Default for XWin copy.xml".
I ended up copyting my keymap from the config folder of an older intellij (version 13) that I still had under ~./Intellij13/config/keymap.

Regarding Live Templates, I compared my old config with the new one (~./Intellij13/config/templates with ~./Intellij14/config/templates) and noticed some xml files were missing in my IntelliJ 14 config.
I copied the missing xml files. But still I miss several default live templates such as 'fori'.
How can I get all the default Live Templates that come bundeled with IntelliJ back?



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