Is there a wrapper for (Shdocvw.dll) to use as a Java HTTP proxy

Ok I asked this last October and I thought I would give it another try,.
I am behind a firewall and it would be great if IntelliJ or maven could get updates from the Internet.

A simple proxy as described by just won't do.

I need the certificates, agent, as well as proxy settings that is in our version of "Internet Explorer" to get to the internet.

The easiest way would be if someone has written a java wrapper for Internet Explorer's, Shdocvw.dll, or one of its sub components that make it look like a proxy server

Does anyone know of such a component ?

Thanks for any pointers, I mean references !


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Maven has it's own proxy setting.  There does not appear to be a one-size fits all for everything.

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I had a similar problem (actually it was with IntelliJ updates not working because of the proxy IIRC) a little while back and I found this to be perfect:

Not sure if it will help in your case ...


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