updating single test in a suite

Let's say I have a test suite "someProperty" that if run will execute "testA", "testB", "testC", ... in sequence.
Unfortunately, this will bastardise the statistics (time to run) for the individual tests due to caching. In order to circumvent that, I need to execute each testcase I'm needing the statistics for manually.

However, if I select one such testcase out of the suite - e.g. "testB" - and re-run it, IntelliJ will throw away everything it knows about the test suite ("someProperty") and only display that one testcase.
Is there a way to preven that from happening, i.e. to "lock" the testing display and only update the testcase that is re-run?

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You can try to pin the run tab with the results so that it remains when you execute a different configuration.


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