Project organization with gradle libraries

Hi all - I have a general project organization question. Current set up is as follows - a regular IntelliJ 13 android project, plain vanilla set up. Now, obviously, there's always a need to add supporting libraries. It used to be that you get library as a jar, drop it in, all is well and solid. Upgrade path is rather simple too. Simple and manual way that works for simple libraries with small number of dependencies. So new ways come about trying to solve the problem of dependencies. But I don't know the proper way to intergrate those new solutions into existing IntelliJ project. Task at hand is to add a gradle dependency to existing android project. Some time later we may need to add library from GitHub, or maven, or whatever. All those are supported by IntelliJ, but, if I understand correctly, the project needs to be set up as maven or gradle instead of IntelliJ. Also to mention, the release is being built using Ant

What's the best approach to this? Can someone recommend?
Feedback is appreciated.

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Use Gradle, it's very flexible, you can reference local jars, remote repository Maven jars, etc: .


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