Auto Indent Groovy/Java with Enter is off by one indent in 14.1.0 and 14.1.1

After upgrading to 14.1.0, typing enter in a groovy/java file auto-indents the new line, but it is one indent level (2 spaces) short of the line above.  The line above the new line is a simple line or can end in curly bracket.

I disabled the new 'detect indention on line' and that looked like it fixed it, but then I opened another file and the indent problem happened in that new file.  I then fiddled with one of the other indent settings and the newly opened file indention worked fine.  

Opening a new file then fails again until I edit the settings.  It even 'fixes' the problem when I change Live templates or any other settings.  Also, Ctrl-Alt-L (indent file) formats it correctly.  Just the newline fails to indent correctly.

Any ideas on a work around?  I am getting tired of manually indenting (how quick we become hooked on IDE features :).  Attached is my codetyle .xml settings.  I was hoping 14.1.1 would solve it, but that update still behaves the same.


Default (1).xml
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Please submit a bug at and also attach a sample file to reproduce the problem there.

Does it help if you rename IDE folders and start with all the default settings, clean caches and no plugins? See for the folder locations.

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I cleaned out the C:\Users\XYZ\.IntelliJIdea14 and restarted.  The problem no longer existed.  I have been importing my settings since 4.0, so I suspect some junk got into the configuration.

I was able to re-introduce files/folders from the config directory without any serious problems.  Even the codestyles folder worked.

I see no urgent need to log a bug.  I suspect this only affects users with a long, uninterrupted upgrade path.  I don't really expect you to test all possible upgrades from 4.0 to 14.0 :).


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