Android build and Google Maps

This is using IntelliJ Ultimate 14 and Android Maps 2.0

Just wanted to drop a note on this very frustating build tryintg to get Google Play services integrated into an
Android application.

After following numerous articles on how to do this I was constantly failing a compile. It was complaining about

Now Im not going to go indepth on how to set the IDE up but lets say that after 5 hours of being frustated yesterday
I shut down. Granted not all 5 hours ewas dedicated to compile issues (Missing libraries, etc) but last night it just
didn't compile anymore.

Today, after contemplating whether I should go back to Eclipse I fired up intellij one more time and sure enough it compiled.
No idea what is going on.

Yesterday I was doing many Invalidate Caches /Restart to no avail.
This morning it works on first compile.

Mac OS

Very frustrated. Got to be a better way in all of this.


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Please check .
Use 14.0.2 until 14.1 with a fix is released: .
Sorry for the inconvenience.

IDEA 14.1 EAP is available at .

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You trolling the newsgroups again :)


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This is 14.0.3
Now downgrading to  14.0.2


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