Different target path for classes and resources


I have simple maven web application. And while trying JRebel plugin get next problem.
When I compile classes they are compiled in target/classes folder, but *.properties files from resources folder are copiing (by pressing ctrl+F9) to the target/<FINAL_NAME>/WEB-INF/classes.
It misleads. And I doesn't understend how to configure JRebel and Idea.

Is it possible to configure module to do it in one folder?
Is it right if I point out  target/<FINAL_NAME>/WEB-INF/classes is output path for module?

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Do you get different behavior if you build from the command line using Maven?

Please also try the Update action, does it copy all the files to the correct artifact location?
https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/help/updating-applications-running-on-application-servers.html .


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