Best Method of Configuring a Multi-Module Project w/ Agnostic Root

I've read the docs on setting up a multi-module project but I'm still unclear on a few thing. I'm trying to set up a project which contains/maintains 2 sibling modules (each with their own technologies). I'm essentially setting up a web app project that uses AngularJS/Bootstrap on the frontend (module 'A') and likely Grails/Spring Security for a Restful backend (module 'B'). Since the frontend and backend use different technologies and would very possible be deployed to different servers, I thought the dual module aproach under a top level project container made sense. As such, I'd like to setup the initial top level project as technology-agnostic, but the project creation wizard seems to require one to select a target technology, which is fine for the modules but in this case not for the top level project What am I missing?

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Create an empty project without any modules first, then add 2 modules.

File | New Project | Empty Project.


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