IntelliJ 14.0.3 won't start on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently upgraded IntelliJ IDEA from an earlier 14.0.x version to 14.0.3. I'm using 32 bit Ubuntu 14.04. My upgrade procedure entails removing the folder where the old version was installed, downloading the tarball of the new version and unpacking it, and then changing a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin to point at the new location of I've done this many times in the past without incident.

However, for reasons I don't understand IntelliJ 14.0.3 doesn't start. There is no splash screen. In fact the process appears to terminate immediately (or at least very quickly).

To explore further I renamed my .IdeaIC14 folder in my home directory to something else so that IntelliJ would build a brand new one from scratch. However, that did not work either. After attempting to launch IntellIJ I found a new .IdeaIC14 folder but it was essentially empty (just contained a tmp folder). I did not see any log files to study.

Any advice as to where I should go from here to try and diagonse this problem?


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As I understand, there are no any error messages in the terminal.

What JDK do you use to run IDEA? Try installing a new Oracle JDK version and configure IDEA to run using this new JDK installation: .

If it doesn't help, you can edit script and add "strace" call before "java" call at the end of the .sh script. This should dump system calls before the silent crash which may help to understand what's causing this crash.

This may have something to do with the video drivers.


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