Creating a Intellij dynamic web project I can deploy to my tomcat server on ubuntu

Ok so, ... Ive been trying for hours to set up a proper project in Intellij to create a simple jsp website. I want it to deploy to my tomcat server. The server is in my local network and I can access all files through a network share.
Things I've tried:

  • Use maven and try the tomcat7 deploy plugin/cargo deploy plugin
  • Deploy explode war to server webapps path
  • Deploy using server manager plugins
  • Deploy war file to server webapps path
  • Do simmilar stuff using eclipse

So far all those things have produced some results, but none did what I want. I just want my project, called "Example" to be compiled and put into the webapps directory, so I can finally get to creating the website. I don't care how.
The thing I want is basically: Work on website in Intellij --> Press run --> Website on server is updated without me having to do anything.
Could someone please explain me from start to finish how I can achieve this? And whether I should use maven/ant etc? I will be forever grateful.

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See and (Remote staging).

For the basic case you can configure IDEA Artifact to be placed in the correct mapped folder. Make sure to use exploded war for hot deployment without restarting the server.

See also .


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