Intellij 14: How to turn off auto indent on enter


Just bought the new Intellij14 and now I have to discover that each time I hit enter typing in some control structure code (like switch-case) it automatically tries to put it on the the "right place" but its not.

E.g. After hitting enter after each case ... : it puts it one more step in, but I want it in one line.

case UC6CD:
    case UC7:
        case UC7CD:
            case UC7D:
                case UC7N:

This is really bugging me. Either fix it or does anyone know how to turn this off.

This was never an issue till this version !!!!

Cheers, Rob.


If only this was the only thing these ***SMART*** IDEs got wrong.

Why is there no "plain editor mode"? You could even call it "sane editor mode" and turn it on by default.


How do I DISABLE auto indentation? @Intellij team respond!!!!!!!


This has to be one of the most frustrating IDEs. After years of Jdeveloper, Eclipse, etc., I thought this would be a welcome change. The worst 4 hours with an IDE ever.


To turn off indentation on enter please uncheck "Smart ident" in "Editor | General | Smart Keys"


Thanks for the help. Worked well.


Thank you so much, it works well now 


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