Downloading Libraries from Maven Repositories

Ubuntu Linux, Intellij 14, Ultimate Edition.

I have a new project, created from the Java Command line template. There are no code changes at all. I would like to add a library by browsing to the Maven repository. As per:

1. Open Project Structure.
2. Click on Libraries
3. Click the green +.

At this point, instead of getting the option of selecting 'From Maven', I see a file/directory selection dialog titled 'Select Library Files', and it is allowing me to select a directory or file to use as a library.

I've had this working on my IntelliJ 14 install on a different computer, and I really like the feature.

The project is new, created in IntelliJ 14, but the settings were imported from IntelliJ 13, so that could be a source of the problem.

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I moved the .IntelliJIdea14 directory that was a result of importing my settings from IntelliJ 13 to a different location and opened IntelliJ again. It asked all the first time initialization questions, and I had to set up my plugins all over again, but I now have the Downloading Libraries from Maven Repositories feature available to me as advertised in the documentation.


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