how to collapse a class


When I have java or php code, I cannot collapse a class, there is no + sign in the gutter. In python however, this does work. Using IntelliJ 134.1007.


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IntelliJ IDEA only adds folding points at the class level if the file contains more than one class (and each class has some content). For example, here is a file with two classes. Notice it has folding regions for the classes.
In the long run, this makes sense since a collapsed class (when there is only one class in the file) does not make much sense. In fact it is a small pet peeve of mine that in XML files the root tag is collapsed when you do a collapse all. To me that makes little sense since when would I want to look at just <root ...> in the editor? I care about the nested elements.

If you want, you can manually add the folding to a class either via

  1. the "Fold Selection/Region" action (Ctrl+Period or Code > Folding > Fold Selection) after selecting the class section (use Ctrl+W and Ctrl+Shift+W to make that easier). The folding will be defined for that editor session; or
  2. Use in code comments to define the region. See

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