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The menu response in Diana (8890) is really sluggish. For example, on an idle system when I click on a menu such as Build, it can take up to a full second for the menu to display. This behavior is mostly just annoying, but has real consequences when I'm repeatedly running a macro. After recording a macro, I like to run it multiple times by pressing Alt-t then y. However, because the menu is so slow, a lot of times I end up inserting a "y" character into my source instead of playing back the macro.

In 7.0.4, the menu displays instantaneously. The menu is fully rendered before I release the mouse button.

Thanks in advance for any info on this. Also, great work on Diana. It is really coming along.

Chris Britton

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Nevermind. The problem went away in 8940.


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I encountered the slow menu response with IDEA 2018.2 running on Ubuntu 16.04.

Ironically, what seemed to fix the problem, was I gave up and installed Eclipse.  For whatever reason, when I tried IDEA again, the menus became fast (as Eclipse.) 

I suspect that installing Eclipse updated some bit that IDEA needs to make things work.

Worth a shot if you are having trouble...

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IntelliJ IDEA doesn't use anything from Eclipse, it's just a coincidence.

Next time please report the problem per


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