Artifact output directory keeps changing

Hey all!

I always deploy my application to <tomcat base>/webapps directory. But, for some reason after a clean and clean install my project the output direcotyr will change.

For example, when I first pulled my project dfown from cvs the default output path for my exploded war artifact was this: C:\Users\me\IdeaProjects\onlineAdoption\src\OnlineAdoptionsWeb\target\OnlineAdoptionsWeb.
I prefer to have to deployed to C:\servers\apache\apache-tomcat-7.0.32\webapps\OnlineAdoptionsWeb. But, for some reason when I change the path it never "sticks" and I always have to go in a change it back.

Any idea what I am missing? Thanks!

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By default the artifact definition is stored in project directory/.idea/artifacts/artifact-name.xml.

I have not reproduce the problem, but suppose you have some issues with:
a) Output path in that file: relative paths have different meaning on different PCs.
b) Readonly-ness of that file (is it writable?) and/or VCS updates (do they touch this file?).

Maybe you can check these points and see the issue.


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I have the same trouble with 2017.2 version. The output directory of exploded war artifact changes several times each day after a build.

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Please report at with the sample project to reproduce.


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