Jira went berserk. Old comments are being reposted as new Dec 27, 2006

Today I got 30 email notifications that a Jira request I was watching got updated with a comment. When I looked at them, it turns out old comments had been repeated as if they were posted today, Dec 27, 2006.

The comment from Dec 14, 2005 was reposted again for Dec 27, 2006

It appears your Jira software went berserk.

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Same here. A real trip down memory lane.

--Dave Griffith

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The problem will be the JIRA<->NNTP plugin, which tracked seen message-id's in a file on the file system. I guess JIRA was upgraded and that file was lost.

Ideally, the list of message-id's would be stored in the JIRA database, but this also wouldn't survive an export/import operation (that I know of anyway).

Maybe its time to revisit the code base of the plugin.


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