enabling Hibernate in a new module

i'm new to idea, i have installed idea 10.5

i found these steps to enabling idea in a new module:

To enable Hibernate support in a new module
  1. Create a new module from scratch.
  2. On the Technologies page of the wizard, select the Hibernate check box. Enable the other technologies as required.
  3. To have IntelliJ IDEA create the Hibernate configuration file hibernate.cfg.xml, and the class with the main() method automatically, select the Create default Hibernate configuration and main class check box.
  4. To have a database schema imported automatically, select the Import database schemacheck box.
  5. Specify where to download the Hibernate libraries to. By default, IntelliJ IDEA downloads the libraries to the lib directory of the project root. To have the libraries downloaded to another location or to use existing libraries, click the Pick from disk button.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. If you have selected the Import database schema check box, specify the data source parameters in the Import Database Schema dialog box that opens. IntelliJ IDEA creates entity beans for each table detected in the data source and fields for each column in a table.

i followd these steps but the problem was that the step 5 was not happened for me. there was no asking for downloading hibernates jar files (i tried for struts and it was ok), at that point i thought that the libs may be exist , but when i returned to code i saw that there was some errors about could not resolving hibernate.
is there any configuration problem in my idea?

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