unenecessary recompilation

I have not nailed down precisely what is happening, but often after I
have changed the code in a single *.java module upon which nothing
else depends, I click build, and I notice it recompiles perhaps 50
files. It does no harm other than waste a little time.

I am wondering if I changed something else I forgot about, or if for
some reason IntelliJ is recompiling more than it needs to.

Has anyone else seen behaviour like this?

I thought perhaps IntelliJ could compile in the background during
extended idle periods, and either cache the errors until you ask for
the compile, or toss them and recreating them later.

From a performance point of view the most important problem is this.
IntelliJ just goes dead for fairly long periods, perhaps 10 to 15
seconds. It is indexing, garbage collecting...  I wish it would do
something highly visible on the screen you can catch out the corner of
your eye while it was dead to the world, like a red background to the
title bar.  It is nice to get quick notification when it has come back
to life.
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Refactor early. If you procrastinate, you will have
even more code to adjust based on the faulty design.

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Regarding the compilation issue, try File | Invalidate caches, manually delete all the class files and rebuild the project. Make should compile only changed classes and dependencies. File a bug with the sample project if it's compiling any extra classes.

Hang problems should be reported with thread dumps attached, please refer to http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/DOC-260.


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