IntelliJ 9.0.4 won't launch Android activity

I have decided to check out Android and just starting with a simple hello world app found on the android dev website. I am using Android 2.2 (as that seems to be the max version 9.x supports) and IntelliJ will not launch my activity. In the run configuration my activity is marked as the one to be launched (IntelliJ already set that when it created the run configuration).  The emulator starts but just Android's home screen is launched, my activity is not.

I even found this link and read that to see if there was anything I was missing. I am not doing anything differently:

I even tried to use Android 1.6 to see if that helped anything. However, again the emulator launches but my activity doesn't run.

Is there a bug in 9.0.4 that keeps it from actually running the Activity? Is there any logging? As far as I can tell neither Android nor IntelliJ offers any logging when an android app starts. IntelliJ does have a Android Logcat tab but it doesn't show any logs.

I guess next I will try IntelliJ 10 since android support is in the community edition (have a 9 license but not 10 yet)

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Use IDEA 10 (free community edition includes Android support) or apply a workaround from .


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