Changes window problems

Hi, I have some weird problems with Changes window (Alt+9). I have multimodule project with 16 modules and use Subversion for everything. Idea 7.0.4 #7878 but have the problems for a long time since version 7.

1) After commit there is action in background and message in status bar "Discovering location c:\Projects\MyProject". This action takes always long time (about 1 minute) and IDEA is choking during this. Why is this happening? I remember that in past (like 8 months ago) I had no such problems.

2) In the Repository and Incoming tab there is Filter by Structure. There is list of modules, subversion paths and local folders in the left panel. The problem is that this list of completely chaotic. The list is also different in Repository tab and Incoming tab!

Repository tab:

  • Most of my idea modules are listed but one is missing. The missing one has no sources associated but is in subversion anyway.

  • Then there is list of Subversion paths. But completely chaotic. I can see like 50 paths, some of them in form \project, some like \project\some\additional\path, some are with purple questionmark icon (why?). We have a lot of projects in Subversion. But not all are visible in the list. It appears random. Can someone explain this.

  • Then there is one local folder in the list "c:\Projects". Why is this there?

Incoming tab:

  • There are only 3 of my modules. But there are definitely changes on server in more of my modules in the past days.

  • There is one local folder "c:\projects\security". Again no idea why is this there.

Overall this list is pain in the ass. Displays something I don't even want. Does not display what I want (all my modules) and displays folders by some mysterious logic. I would appreciate if you could give some light on the matter. How can I manage the list? Thanks.

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