loosing my Ant Build files in 6.0 and 6.0.1

I am running into a weird problem and would greatly appreciate any pointers to figure out what I am doing wrong.

1. I am adding my build.xml to the Ant Build window. It adds a node for each task. I am able to configure the classpath and execute the tasks.
2. If I peek inside the file I see the following section 3. If I close the project and re-open it, everything is fine 4. I close IDEA (nothing changes in the file) 5. I start IDEA and the "Ant Build" window is empty (The section is gone from the file too) ]]>

Thanks a lot in advance!**********


I am having the same problems (even with build 6.0.2 - build 6094).

Is there something else that is connected to this problem that I'm missing?


The fix will be available in the next build (should be released today).


Still same problem in new build


Please provide a test case project. We can't reproduce the problem here.


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