PHPStorm 8 + Symfony2 and Exception error linting


this is my first and I am desperately frustrated, because my project is showing errors during commits even though there are no errors :( This issue is old and I want to have it resolved, as it bugs me

in Symfony2 I have following:

throw $this->createNotFoundException('Exception description');
which shows an error in PHPStorm:
the thrown object must be an instance of the Exception.
Which it obviously is ...
and thus rendering my whole project "BAD" ... that sucks a bit from a IDE of this quality ...
any help? 
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Hi there,

Please provide a bit real code (more code) -- not just a single line.

If I add such line into an empty action .. it shows no errors at all (phpStorm 8.0.2 EAP build).


Also -- what do you see when you invoke Ctwl+Q (View | Quick Documentation) on "createNotFoundException" in such line (screenshot)? What return type it has?

But before doing that: please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE.

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Hi, my problem image is in the attachment (can't embed it due not getting anything when clicking on the camera icon in wysiwig editor)

CTRL+Q before cache invalidation:
public function Controller::createNotFoundException($message = 'Not Found', \Exception $previous = null) Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException

after cache invalidation it is no problem.
But is it impossible to fix it otherway ?

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after cache invalidation it is no problem.

So ... as I understand invalidating caches helped.

If that's so -- then it was the right move -- you have had indexes out of sync / corrupted for some reason (e.g usually happens after upgrading IDE from one version to another).

Plus, on your screenshot I see that @throws NotFoundHttpException is highlighted as unknown class. If it's now gone.. then once again, invalidating caches was the right move.

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yeh. Question is, why it was highlighted as bad in the first place and how to prevent from getting into it ?

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As I have already mentioned, usually such thing happens after upgrading IDE to the newer version -- sometimes indexes going out of sync.

It may also happen because of crash or improper shutdown (be it IDE or computer overall).

The "Invalidate caches" is the "official" (if I may use such term here)  way of fixing it -- indexes/caches are temp things and need to be refreshed from time to time anyway.


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