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I want to set a bookmark here, set another bookmark there (different file), press F2 and jump between the bookmarks.  Please tell me I'm just missing something and it is that easy.  DON'T tell me to just press alt-F2, look at a bookmark list, determine which bookmark I want to jump to and then double click said bookmark.  DON'T tell me to number my bookmarks mnmmmenomnmnically and then keep track of them in my brain.  I need basic, easy, cross-file, set, set, jump, jump bookmark navigation.

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.. under Navigate / Bookmarks sub-menu you also have "Next Bookmark" and "Previous Bookmark". Is'nt that the one you are looking for?

In case it is, you may give them a shortcut.

Best wishes,


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No.  For whatever reason, they assume you want next/previous bookmark only within the current file.  I'm sure there are reasons for limiting next/previous to only the current file, but I don't know what they could be.  If you want to limit to within the current file, fine.  But have a toolbar toggle button (or something) for only-nav-within-current-file | nav-in-all-files

next/prev (and the others) are already key mapped for me, btw.


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