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Hi there,

There is no separate setting where you could provide your own list of fonts.

But you can create separate css file where you can list all your custom fonts. The entries from such file will then can be used in another css file when completing font names. For example:


__font01 {
    font-family: Calibri, Candara, Segoe, "Segoe UI", Optima, Arial, sans-serif;
.__font01 {
    font-family: Didot, "Didot LT STD", "Hoefler Text", Garamond, "Times New Roman", serif;

Then in your actual css file:
Obviously, this is not ideal (as far as I see it) but better than nothing, I guess


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Thanks for the tip but I'm not sure I follow,  is css-fonts.css used by the browser or PHPstorm?  Your screenshot shows only the individual font names still.

Are you suggesting I add a class of __font01 to elements that require the stack?

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1) Yes -- IDE shows individual font names only -- that's why this "idea" isn't that good.

2) Class names can be anything -- the "__font0" is just an example of unlikely used anywhere else name (so no collisions with real class names)

3) This is for IDE only -- this file is to reside anywhere in the project and will not be used by the actual website/browser.

Have a look at that ticket -- it should be a proper solution once implemented. Feel free to comment/vote so you get notified when it's implemented (hopefully will be in v7)


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