Problem with Data Sources

I've used an older version of PHPStorm and the data sources work great.
I updated it to 103.99 and have a problem.
At the tab "Schemas & Tables" I mark some schemas for scan and one table as default. But when I press "refresh tables" I get error.

DB - postgres. I've tried a lot of different jdbc versions - 8.3, 9.0 and the problem is the same.
However the other functions work correctly. The list of tables is displayed and autocompletion working.

But I don't need to get all schemas. I need only couple of them. May be I'm doing something wrong?
Also Is any way to hide postgres sequences form this list? They bother me wery much.
And how can I filter or hide some tables (directrly or by pattern). For example we have a lot of tables ends with "backup" or "201001" and It will be great to hide them form list and autocompletion popup.

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At the bottom of this tab you have table names pattern field:


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