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  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    EAP user free license

    I used to use PHPStorm EAPs with free licenses and contribute to this great project with bug reports and ideas. Recently I decided to take an online mongodb course where python is used and download...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    PhpStorm evolution stopped?

    Seems like after 2.0 version phpstorm evolution stopped. 2 years past but still no framework support, no project management. And PHP api is still closed so you can't write your own plugin to add yo...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    How to get rounded corners in ui back?

    Hi guys. I installed 110.518 build and got ugly sharp corners everywhere in ui :(  It is just looks bad and all. Can I get rounded corners back somehow?
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    Strange tooltip

    What does this tooltip mean? Where is 15 tree levels here?
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    Please teach me how can I set up PHPStorm for my project structure

    I use Win7x64 and SVN 1.6 (if it is important). I have following project structure:[project root]| - ... some folders| - <symlink #1 to magento folder>| - <symlink #2 to magento folder>| - [magento...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    How to debug with XDebug in PHPStorm 3.0 EAP

    In the latests 3.0 EAP (110.44) I have just tried to debug very simple zend framework based website with next xdebug settings:[xdebug]zend_extension=x:\usr\local\php5\ext\php_xdebug-2.1.2-5.3-vc6.d...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    How to pass command line arguments to phpunit?

    I have tests for code which sends headers, that's why I need invoke phpunit with --stderr argument to redirect stdout to stderr. I don't see way (at least from first glance) how can I do this with ...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    SVN update takes too long - bug or not?

    Win7 x64, SVN 1.6. My project has next directory structure:/ <- svn root|... folders|---/products folder <- another svn root|   |.... folders    |----/tests <- another svn root with 3 svn externals...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    [PHPStorm plugin development] Can't find jar file with com.jetbrains.php package

    Itry write my first plugin for phpstorm. I use IDEA Community, I selected phpstorm 2.1.2 installation folder as Plugin SDK folder. In phpstorm in PSI Viewer I see a reference to PhpDocType element:...
  • Dmitriy Zavalkin created a post,

    If I got phpstorm license as gift from phpstorm team, can I use "Upgrade Subscription Renewal"?

    If yes, what is "Your purchased license key"?