could someone confirm, PhpStorm Freezes

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm 2.0beta
build PS-98.271

on this page:

If in firefox i right click and choose "Save Page as...." and save a local version of the webpage.  Then open that webpage .html file in PhpStorm, my entire system freezes.

The error checking seams to take forever to finish and when it does finish the ide is working very slowly.  scrolling takes forever, clicking on stuff has a long delay.

the memory heap in the bottom left of phpstorm shows 88M of 444M and the only way to speed the IDE back up again that i have found is to re-start it.


I confirm. EAP 98.240 - the same behavior.


Thanks Dmitriy :|

glad its not just me.  Not sure if there I know what to call it to file a bug report against it.

Wait and see if any of the Alexy Gopachenko or any of the other PhpStorm staff have thoughts.


Thoughts ^) I will profile this later today. However no specific fixes will made it to todays EAP.


Well, I can't reproduce any performance problems on latest EAP. Please update.


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