Q: Way to include php docs in code completion

I'm a big user of the Netbeans ide. Now that oracle has taken over and the lack of git support i'm looking for a better supported ide.

PHPstorm does seems to be a very good IDE as replacement. Altough i'm missing one very basic feature. When i use the code completion, not any of my PHPdoc comes up. Included there is a screenshot how this looks in Netbeans. Netbeans shows my own PHPdoc and documantation for all standard php functions. (with a url to the php.net page). Is there a way to activate this feature or doesn't it exists in PhpStorm ?


Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 08.46.18.png
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Set cursor on function and press Ctrl+Q:

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Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for your fast reply and help! Altough CTRL+Q doesn't work on mac , i did got some google results about enabling the option:
Settings->Editor->Code        Autopopup

Wich exactly gave me the netbeans behavior :). Also i found out the mac shortcut for CTRL+Q is CTRL+J . Right now the editor seems quite good and ready for some production use.

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