PHP file type disappeared


I just experienced a machine crash in OSX and after rebooting PhpStorm doesn't open PHP files anymore.

At first I got an error about some corrupted class and the program unable to open zip files, or something like that, unfortunately I don't have a screenshot.
PhpStorm complained it couldn't start and that I had to restart, so I did.

After restarting PhpStorm if I click on a PHP file PhpStorm asks for the file type, and PHP is not on the list.

I tried reinstalling the program but it didn't solve the issue.

I have recreated the file type under Preferences->File types, but it doesn't work very well, now I can open PHP files but the code is not highlighted and the IDE doesn't recognise any keyword.

Is there some file to delete so that I can do a clean installation ? Any file I can restore or something I can do ?

Thank you

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Try delete (make backup before) whole .WebIde10 directory in your user directory and reinstall PhpStorm after that.

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I couldn't find that folder however I found one similar under "Library/Application Support"

I deleted it but didn't solve the issue yet.

I'm trying to guess where PhpStorm stores its status, since it remembers the current project after restarting it.

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for the record I'm using PhpStorm-EAP-98.240 installed via PhpStorm-EAP-98.240.dmg

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Problem fixed, I deleted the following folders:


and now I have a clean installation

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