Question: is there a keyboard equiv of 'Open in Browser'...

Is there a keyboard command for open in browser? ( from the pop up menu when right clicking on a page in the editor)?


Hello Jack,

'Open in browser' is an action like many others. You can assign your own hotkey to any action: File | Settings | Keymap. Unfortunately, this action has no default text, so you have to manually find 'OpenInBrowser' node in Main Menu / View group.

You have to clone default keymap to be able to customize it.



Thanks Kirill,

  That did the trick!

- Jack


Kirill, As a side note, when I added the keyboard shortcut (Command-3 on osx) I got an error saying that
"The shortcut is already assigned to other actions.Do you want to remove other assignments?"

Is there a way to see what the other action is that has this key assigned?


As I know, it is bug of PhpStorm/IntelliJ Platform because Command-3 isn't assigned to any action in PhpStorm but it is assigned in IntelliJ IDEA. See:


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