Windows real-estate and unused toolbars

Hey Guys,
I recently found out about WebStorm/PHPStorm and right away loved it.

One little thing that bothers me at the moment is the extra toolbars that are just taking precious pixels away from my screen, and I would love to see this fixed in the next version!

Here is what I'm talking about:
Dxtwordpress - ...wp-contentplugins5min5min.php - JetBrains PhpStorm 1.0.png


Hello Eli,

1. Uncheck View | Statusbar checkbox.
2. Open File | Settings dialog, go to Editor | Apparance pane, uncheck 'Show HTML breadcrumbs' checkbox.



Is it possible to show html breadcrumb panel only in that files which contain html and doesn't show in pure php/javascript? Or better show php structures breadcrumb (if/while/for/...)? I will file feature request if it can be implemented.


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