vertile aligned arrays and code formatting reformat

with the code formatting, is there any way to preserve the tabs inside an array to keep the alignment?

an example may be easier to understand.  If I have an array like this:
        $_data = array('FORM_TYPE'   => 'create',
            'FORM_TOKEN'                     => $_form_token,
            'WIDGET_TYPE'                    => $_post['widget_type'],
            'WIDGET_TITLE'                    => $_post['widget_title'],
            'WIDGET_CONTENT'             => $_post['message'],
            'SUBMIT_STATUS'                 => $_post['submit_status'],
            'SUBMIT_URL'                        => '/apZen.php?mode=create',
            'WIDGET_NAME'                    => $_widget_name,

after the code formatter it will be formatted like this:
        $_data = array('FORM_TYPE' => 'create',
            'FORM_TOKEN' => $_form_token,
            'WIDGET_TYPE' => $_post['widget_type'],
            'WIDGET_TITLE' => $_post['widget_title'],
            'WIDGET_CONTENT' => $_post['message'],
            'SUBMIT_STATUS' => $_post['submit_status'],
            'SUBMIT_URL' => '/apZen.php?mode=create',
            'WIDGET_NAME' => $_widget_name,

is there a setting to allow the => to stay in vertical alignmet with code formatting?


doesnt look so aligned in the text above, with tabs the => are all vertically aligned to promote readabilty.


Thanks very much.  Nice to know im not the only one looking for this.



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