Simple New File / Open File

I'd like PhpStorm (really all the IDEs) to have a simple new file option.  Basically, we need to be able to quickly create a new file or open an existing file without creating a whole project.  I want to use PhpStorm as my text editor for simple, little PHP scripts.  However, it is way too much effort to do so.

Here's current process users must go through :

  1. Create a new file on the file system using command line or some other editor such as Textmate.
  2. File->Open File in PhpStorm to find the file.
  3. Browse around to find the new file.
  4. PhpStorm then scans the entire containing directory and creates a project out of it.
  5. PhpStorm then litters the directory with an unneeded .idea project directory.

Here's what we'd like to see :

  1. New File:
    1. File->New File
    2. Start typing code.
    3. File->Save or File->Save As and save it
  2. Open an Existing File
    1. File->Open File
    2. File opens for editing without scanning the entire directory or creating a project.
    3. If you actually want a project, then use 'Open Directory' instead.

Does anyone else in the community want this as well?  Please respond to let JetBrains know.


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FYI : I added this issue to the YouTrack bug system @ .

Please add comments there if you would also like this feature.

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I think IDE shouldn't be text editor for simple scripts. For simple script simple text editor should be used. Writing 50-lines scripts in IDE looks like: I bought Boeing 737 and asks Boeing engineers: "I wish to drive on it to my grandmother to neighborhood village, why I can't do it?"

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@Dmitry Yeah, something like that ^)

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Different people, different views. I could understand this need. When I'm working on a project and I suddenly need to fix something by creating a file with couple of lines outside that project, why not use editor I'm currently using? Its just made by JetBrains philosophy which omits saving  (which I finally found very interesting and I'm getting used to it) that this simple function is not possible. When I want to open existing file outside my project, it works like a charm.

But this kind of problems are not so often (or they shouldn't be) to be solved through IDE. Justin, I guess you found the best tool availiable :-)

Only one question had arisen to my mind - what is the Save all option in File menu for?

BTW: when using this airplane metaphor, I would say: Boeing 737 on regular line London-New York has to be empty on the way back, because it's just London-New York line, right ;-)

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We WILL try to solve it and make it more usable. Especially since WebStorm is targeting quite different set of tasks than IntelliJ IDEA.

BTW please note that you CAN open any file on disk while you do have any project open. Most features won't work, but you'll be able to edit and save it.
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I disagree.  I'd really like to just do all my coding in one tool.

Airplane Metaphor Again :

I bought this crazy, expensive 737.  It won't take off unless it's at max capacity and it's a trans-continental flight.  Now, I have to buy a G5 when I just want to fly myself and a few friends from coast to coast.



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