Ctrl+Shift+left/right - selecting text

Hi all,

Is there a way to control where the caret lands when you ctrl+shift+leftarrow select text?
ie: say I type this php variable:


the caret is at the end of the variable, when pressing ctrl+shift+leftarrow and it selects the entire "$incorrect" variable.
I would like (if possible) for it to select everything up to the $ so just the "incorrect" part.

Or maybe it's possible to configure $ as a ctrl+left/righarrow stop point? I'm not sure of the correct terminology here with caret stop points etc.. hope you understand my question.

Thanks heaps!

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I have the same question for selecting with Ctrl+W. I have next code:

include ('inc/templates/results.php');

When I set cursor at templates and press Ctrl+W the WebIDE selects whole templates word. When I press Ctrl+W second time it selects whole text inside brackets with quotes. But I wish to select only text inside quotes without quotes itself. How I can do it?


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