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I have a multi-monitor setup on my Mac. I'd like to use the second monitor for various non-code windows, such as the Project window. This window can be detached into its own floating window. I can move this Project window off to my second monitor. Fine. However, whenever I move the main code window, the (now detached) Project window snaps back onto my main monitor. Why can't I make it stay put on my second monitor? Is there a setting controlling this behavior?

I assume there's some relation to whatäs discussed in this thread:

but that remains unanswered, so it was of no help to me.

Official comment

It's a bug, please see and linked issues.

OK. Thanks. That was quick! You guys are really on he ball. I'll try the work around described there until this gets fixed.


Yes, turning off the separate menu bar for the other monitor allows the Project window to remain there. However, if I move the main code window on my main screen, the floating Project window now moves likewise on my secondary monitor. I would like it to stay put there, and not "track" with the main code editor window. Is there a setting somewhere I can turn off to disable this automatic window movement?


Jean, our team is working together with Oracle to resolve this issue which is inside Java, not our products. We really hope that it will be fixed soon. You can try using the legacy Apple Java 1.6 if this issue is really annoying for you ( However, starting from IntelliJ IDEA 16 we'll require Java 8 to run, so this workaround will stop working soon.


Well, the issue I'm seeing now is different from the problem I first had. Initially, the problem was that the separate tool window "jumped" over to my main monitor as soon as I moved the main editor window there. I then applied the work-around recommended elsewhere (disabling "Displays have separate spaces" in the Mission Control control panel). This solved the "jumping" tool window problem. 

What I'm seeing now is the tool window moving smoothly alongside the main editor window. E.g., if I move the editor window a little to the right, the tool window moves in parallell with the main editor window, to maintain the same relative position to the editor window. This seems like a quite deliberate "feature", rather than a "bug" to me. I can think of cases where you want those tool windows to move alongside with the main editor window. Thus, if this was indeed a deliberate feature on your part, I thought there may be a place where this can be disabled, allowing tool windows to just stay where they are and not move alongside the main editor window.

But if this is indeed a general Java bug, then there's of course nothing I can do but wait and hope it gets fixed soon.


Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


There is no setting to control it, if you check it on Windows or Linux, you'll see that all the tool windows and detached editors can be moved independently. It's indeed a bug specific to Mac Java version.


I'm experiencing the same thing, but on windows 10. I have detached the find, terminal, database console, and project views out as windowed mode, and placed them in various locations on my 3 displays. When I right click in the project view and select "find in path" then issue a find, the find window, despite being maximized on my right display, jumps to the center, while retaining its maximized state, and because the taskbar is in the center display, the window's toolbar is almost entirely off-screen at the top. Conversely, issuing a database query in a database editor, which is attached to the main editor window in the center display, does nothing to move the database console window, which is on the left display. The database console window is refreshed with the values of the query, but the window is not raised, which is what I would have hoped for.

I've tried the same thing with making these floating mode, but the same thing happens with find. It always jumps back to the center screen. The database console doesn't do this in floating mode.

Also, these window positions are not saved so starting the application anew has me placing them in their spots every time. On Linux I was able to keep everything exactly where I wanted using devilspie but it seems the only alternative on windows is

I hope these issues get resolved quickly too, because software development is the main reason why I have 3 displays.


Hello there,

are there any news on this topic? Now it's almost year after the last post in here and it still seems that the bug is still present. It really annoys me, as I'd love to make use of my 2 screens, but every window I detach and place on the second screen keeps popping up on the first, efficiently preventing the second screen from being any good.

0 was fixed. If you still have the problem, please file a new bug with more details and the steps to reproduce.


Hello Serge, I apologize for my previous unnecessary post - later I noticed my WebStorm is a bit outdated, so I upgraded to the lastest version and the bug does not happen anymore there. Thank you! :)


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