IDEA can't access update site


When I click the "Help/Check for updates" link in IDEA 15.0.1, I get this error in a popup.   I have to go through a corporate firewall, but I have verified that I can get to HTTPS: sites in a browser and also using the "Test Settings" button in the IDEA settings page.    IDEA also shows that it has stored the certs for,, and    No idea what's causing this particular hiccup.    Anyone have any insight on this?





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Your corporate proxy is replacing HTTPs certificates on the fly so that it can decrypt the traffic and filter/cache it. IntelliJ IDEA expects the valid certificate that it can verify, but the JVM it runs under doesn't know anything about the certificate that is installed on your proxy.

You can either disable secure connection setting for updates or install your certificate into the JVM used to run IntelliJ IDEA with keytool.

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