Moving PHP project with java selenium from PhpStorm and eclipse to IntelliJ



I have PHP project that i'm working on in PhpStorm. App is written in PHP but automatic tests are written in java. So i though it could be a good idea to move from PhpStorm (for PHP) and eclipse (for java tests) to IntelliJ. Is it possible to have directories structure such as:

-- php project directories and files

-- selenium (eclipse project used in IntelliJ)

at once? So basicly my project root contains files and folders with php code but there is also selenium folder with eclipse project that i want to import to IntelliJ. As far as i know from documentation importing from eclipse will import only selenium folder and make it project but it will ommit php files and directories. Is there a way to import whole project and switch from eclipse to IntelliJ?

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You can import PHP files as a separate module. One module will be Java, used for tests, the second module would be Static Web, used for PHP.

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Thank you for the answer! Well i hoped that there is easier way of doing it. Perfect scenario for me is when i staring working on new project with my team i just create new project from git which contains both php code and java code. I hoped that IntelliJ can handle this "automaticly" without separating thoese in different modules.


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