Maven Importer is using bundled maven version

I am doing some work with Maven Extensions which is dynamically modifying the version of a project before the build lifecycle begins.

The issue i am having is with the IntelliJ Maven Importer which seems to be using the bundled version of Maven (3.0.5) and so it doesn't generate the IntelliJ .idea & .iml files correctly and when the project is imported it shows up in a large amount of errors and red.

I have updated the IntelliJ Settings (Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven > Maven Home Directory) so that i am using a later version of Maven (3.3.9), but the importer doesn't appear to be using this.

After some hacking i have found that updating the bundled version of maven in the plugins\maven\lib\maven3 section of the installation to Maven 3.3.9 makes the importer work and the project is imported without any issues.


My main question is there an easier way to make the Maven importer use the specified version of Maven and not the bundled version?

I specifically need Maven (3.3.1 or above) because that is when the project specific extensions feature was included.

Either that or some info on when the bundled version of Maven will be upgraded would also be good. As my hacking approach can't be rolled out to the other users of this feature that is being developed and this may be a bit of a blocker.



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Did you try setting it in File | Other Settings | Default Settings?

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Yes that has been setup and directed to my Maven 3.3.9 installation already. But that doesn't seem to be used by the Maven Importer.

So was hoping there was some other hidden override variable otherwise this may be more of a IntelliJ plugin development question possibly?

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There is no hidden variable for Maven installation configuration. You have to set required Maven using  Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Maven > Maven Home Directory option.

If it doesn't work for you, could you share the project to reproduce the issue?

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I can't give the exact application. But i will get a small dummy app put together with instructions to demo the issue later today.


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