Language level is not picked up from gradle script


There is a long term pending issue:

Gradle 2.11 promised to solve it (, but it still does not work with IDEA 15.0.2.

I traced it down and found that IDEA and Gradle still disagree about the exact notation.

Looking into the source I happily found it is about to be fixed:

It's currently on the "master" branch. Any change to get it back ported to "143" to get it soon with 15.x?

Just a fix for the root project would be great!

May be to extend LanguageLevel.parse()  to mach its ...?


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Could you please try IDEA 16 EAP and see if it's fixed there?

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I'll try tomorrow. Any hints about future release plans for 15.x and 16?

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IDEA 16 will be released in a couple of weeks, only safe fixes for critical issues will be backported into 15.

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It works with IDEA 16 !

I did not expect so see IDEA 16 that early because I did not read the blog before.

Seems the project structure uses module groups now. Have to play around with.

We switched from SVN to Git these days and I reorganize our project structure anyway to get all .idea files generated by gradle import.


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