intellij blocks complete system when loading projects



This is a follow up post of an old [post]( of me. I gave up at that time, but I want intellij now more than ever.

The problem is, that intellij completely hangs my system on startup. Sometimes it is during the startup process, sometimes it is when it is already loaded, and showing the "tip" window. It is only when it loads a project, the "start" screen (when no project is loaded) is fine.

When I say "completly hangs my system" it means, that I cannot start any other processes. The Window manager is still responsive, and most programs are too, also I cannot open a new tab in chromium.

This is my system:

Ubuntu 15.04

Gnome 3.16.4

Java 1.8.0_72

Now, it was suggested to use jsstack or strace to find the problem and post the output in the moment intellij blocks. The problem is, when I use jsstack or strace, the problem does not occure! Intellij works fine in these cases. I can even "unblock" intellij by doing

sudo jstack -F <intellij-pid>

But of course, always having jstack/strace run is not an option because of performance.

But it sounds to me, that this is some kind of dead-lock situation.

I looked into /var/log/syslog when the system hangs, and  this is the last output:


Any Ideas/Help?



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Try running with file watcher disabled. Does it make any difference?

Add the following into .vmoptions:

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Thanks for the comment! I could not really try it out because ... it is a little embarrassing, it suddenly started working. Things I did:

* Uninstall and reinstall the haxe plugin

* Update my ubunut machine (no java update)

It works now, and I can not reproduce the problem. Its a good thing, but also feels a little unsatisfactory since I can not really post something  to help future help-seekers.

So thanks again!



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