Struggling to migrate

I'm trying to stick to IntelliJ for the duration of my free trial and trying to give this product an honest chance.  With that said, I haven't even been able to keep it open long enough to write a class.  It feels wrong:

Hidden files showing up in the "Project" view.  Why is this the default behaviour, how do I turn it off (.linux .style .hidden .files)

"return" is the first thing on the autocomplete when I am in an empty constructor... For a product hailed as having the best "intellisense" by its community, this is almost enough to make me dump the product, why would I ever need a return statement as the first or last line of a constructor!?! 

Closing does not give me the option to gracefully shutdown my application server only "terminate"

How do I drill down into into a 2nd/nth layer maven project (eclipse's "go into" feature)?  Why is there no view tailored to the "webapp" portion of my development?  My current phase of development has me looking at the html much more than the java.  (the packages view looks great but I haven't had an opportunity to use it for more than a few minutes)

The help pages are either wrong or incomplete.  I couldn't figure out how to add the angular javascript library manually even following the help step by step.

"Search Everywhere">type "index">8+ listings show above my index.html file (why don't the files in my project get prioritized above those of the libraries)?


Things I like so far:

The icons are brilliant.  The class icons took me a second but abstract being an incomplete circle is something that immediately feels right after you see it the first time. 

Navigation within packages are exceptionally well done, either because of the minimal icons or the intuitive folding (child packages only have a part name reducing clutter), I haven't decided, but it feels good.



The warnings aren't scary enough, my colleagues who use intellij don't ever correct the warnings.  This in some cases has caused them to commit bad code (a weblogic.xml file which didn't follow the xsd).  In multiple occasions they've spent 3+ hours looking for a bug which would've been obvious in eclipse where the warnings are very noisy (too noisy?). 


I'm only on day 2 so please feel give me as much advice as possible on how to remedy some of these.  I really want to give the product a fair shot.



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So I found how to get rid of the .hidden .files! and how to use eclipse's keybindings.  Two-ish big wins.  I'm still getting grumpy every time I press ctrl+space.  I want the code it proposes to be valid in the scope and the return in a constructor with a cyclomatic complexity is bothering me to no end.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've submitted a bug regarding completion in the constructor:

The other problems you have reported are also being looked into, I'll follow up with the update when I get the details from the responsible developers.

Regarding the warnings, you can enable an option in the commit dialog to not allow committing the code with warnings.

You can create a custom Scope view for the files you need (web) or use the Favorites feature. There is also Java Enterprise tool window.

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>I couldn't figure out how to add the angular javascript library manually even following the help step by step.


What problems adding angular.js as a library have you faced?

See,, 'Include angular.js in Your Project' section - you may find these articles helpful


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