NFS mounted files not updating from guest to PhpStorm

I have a VM with an NFS-mounted file system and a PhpStorm project in a directory on that file system. The project is set up to treat the files as "in-place" rather than a remote mounted NFS share with a deployment step. The problem is that whenever files are updated on the NFS system, for instance, when I execute a git pull, the changes are not reflected in PhpStorm until I explicitly right click on a directory and click "Synchronize". But there is virtually no latency when writing files from PhpStorm to the NFS system — that works just fine.

These are the settings I use to mount the NFS share, which I've tinkered with to no avail: 

/mnt/nfs/home -fstype=nfs,rw,sync,resvport,insecure nfs://

The guest VM is CentOS and VMware Fusion is the provider. I'm running PhpStorm 10.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.10.5.

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Hi there,

Link #1 could be your case. Check your idea.log for possible hints (Help | Show Log in...)

Link #2 is unlikely (100% IMO) to be related as you are treating project files as "in-place" (IDE does not copy files anywhere so no Deployment sync is required from this POV).

P.S. You may use shortcut for "File | Synchronize" -- it's faster than clicking with mouse. Plus, by default IDE should sync project files when you switching back from another app (unless you have disabled this).

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Thanks Andriy. A shortcut for "File | Synchronize" is a great idea.

I DO have auto-sync when switching enable but for whatever reason (bug?) it doesn't work. My setup is a little atypical though. I'm using some experimental settings for iTerm2 that allow it to behave as an overlay, rather than a "traditional" windowed application. This allows the terminal to overlay full-screen applications without switching desktops. Perhaps because of these settings, OS X is never sending an activated / deactivated signal to PhpStorm. I think I'll check the iTerm2 issue queue.

Also, I received this reply from Vlad Luchinsky in the PhpStorm support forums: 

"I must note that working with remote files directly, via network protocol, is not a supported scenario.
PhpStorm has been designed to work with local copy of the project. Find more info about this approach here:
You can check the valid scenarios and configure synchronization with remote server by following this guide:

As for the issues you have found - they are absolutely related to the one you described so I would advise you to vote for them in order to move them up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at"


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