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Dear Sirs,

I am searching for a product of Jetbrains, where I could use/code both Java-based and Python-based projects. I really like your staff-it's amazing

I was told IntelliJ is one of those, however I found no reference to python compatibility in documentation. Please advise.




IntelliJ IDEA with Python plug-in installed provides the same features as PyCharm in addition to what is already supported in IDEA itself.

Please check .


Thank you for you prompt reply.

I have failed to install the mentioned above plugin, however. Here's the description of a problem:

I have IntelliJ Ultimate edition (student license, subjected to my institution mail Installed IntelliJ Ultimate, activated it with the license file, then tried to install plugin from the disk (previously downloaded it) and received a notification, that the plugin is incompatible with current installation. What seems to be the problem?




The version of plugin you have on disk is not compatible with your IDEA version, please install the plugin directory from the IDE, it will load the latest compatible version automatically.


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