Should i use JAVA 8 in order to develop in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 ?


I'm very happy to hear that NEW version of IntelliJ launched !

And I downloaded 2016.1 version of IntelliJ, and installed it.


and i launched and run/debug my plug-in project, a dialog with '...cannot run under JAVA 7.....' is shown...!


I really want to use new IntelliJ 2016.1 version, but i should use Java 7 because my project work is under Android Studio

(a plug-in development work)


can i use new version of IntelliJ 2016.1 with Java 7 ?

Please help me!


(i cannot change(upgrade) my java version,

 because several modules i using (in work) is not support java 8, and compatible with Java 7)

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IntelliJ IDEA itself runs under Java 8, but you can use any Java version to build and run your projects, including Java 7.

Could you please share a sample project that doesn't run with Java 7 for you?

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I'm sorry but i cannot share my project, because of my develop site's firewall policy....


I installed 2016.1 version and import old project, and set SDK for that project,...

  1. JDK 1.7 is successfully set.
  2. And I pressed + button and select 'IntelliJ platform plugin SDK' then select new Intellij 2016.1 folder. (c:\....program files\..)
  3. then a dialog show up (it say 'No Java SDK of appropriate version found. In addition to the IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK, you need to define a JDK with the same Java version (JDK_1_8, description: 1.8)')

Thank you for your reply

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That is true for plug-in development you need to use Java 8 since IntelliJ IDEA platform has migrated to Java 8. You will not be able to build and run IntelliJ IDEA sandbox with Java 7 or older versions.


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