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I don't have a question but maybe some other users want to support (or contradict) my idea with their comments:

I don't know, if someone from JetBrains reads this post but I think a plugin for the debugger-setup would be a really great idea! I'm using PhpStorm for several weeks and moved ten or more projects from my old IDE -phpEd- to PhpStorm. PhpStorm has many, many great features phpEd hasn't BUT the setup of the debugger is a torture - again and again in EVERY project! In EVERY project I have to change settings and the settings are distributed over three or more dialogs... I hate it! In EVERY project: The php-interpreter, the xdebug-port, the (trivial) mapping, the "Run-Configuration", the server and so on. 

Look at phpEd: There is a better way! A much better way! 

Maybe all those settings gives an incredible flexibility - but the most projects (I think, not only my projects) has a more or less simple structure and for this projects the setup is totally unreasonable.

phpEd offers most of those settings, too - but the "normal" case is done by a simple step-by-step-setup-dialog and everything -especially the debugger- runs exactly the way it should.

Many users have problems with the setup of the debugger in PhpStorm (look at google)... so I think jetbrains should create a plugin for an easy debugger-setup. As I mentioned: look at phpEd.

Apart from that PhpStorm is much(!) better then phpEd.

So if anyone from JetBrains reads this: You know, what to do ;-)

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Vladimir Luchansky
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I really doubt that such plugin will be written by our team because of vast amount of different pending activities and things to do. Still, it can be written by some enthusiast or community.

But we have a request for Debug configuration wizard here: <>. You can vote for it in order to move it up in the queue and receive notifications regarding the progress of the feature. See more information on working with tracker at <>.


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