Autocompletion of class name in javadoc wraps with {@link} in javadoc in 2016.1


I love class name autocompletion in javadoc but the change in behavior with IDEA 2016.1 is, in my case, annoying.  The prior behavior was simply to complete the class name; now autocomplete wraps the completed class name in a {@link} tag.  Consistent with javadoc guidelines, I only use {@link} for the _first_ reference to a class in a javadoc context and _never_ for a reference to the class the javadoc is in.  For other references, I use the {@code} tag.  The current autocomplete behavior means I now need to avoid using autocomplete in all but the first reference to the class or go back and remove the {@link} tag.  I'd much rather have the completion wrapped in nothing or use {@code} instead -- it's much less burdensome to change the first {@code} reference for a class to a {@link} instead of removing lots of {@link}s or changing {@link} to {@code}.


Is there any way for me change this autocomplete behavior?

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