You really need a Creative Cloud type install manager


 Running multiple JetBrains product on multiple machines, you really need to put something like Adobe's Creative Cloud together to handle versioning the products.  That way we can keep not so often things up to date seamlessly and keep multiple machines in sync far easier than the current state.  Creative Cloud, I get a notification in the corner "Updates Available" and i click on it, the latest photoshop and lightroom install in the background and all is happy in the world.

It would be a big improvement


Such tool already exists and is being actively tested inside JetBrains. Public EAP will be available soon.

See (CEOs’ Choice: JetBrains App Launcher).


Please make sure to include all features of the Creative Cloud installer. Especially this one:


Ok, so don't copy EVERY feature of Creative Cloud  ;-)

This looks very cool.  Can't wait for it.

Now if we could just expand the Settings Repository so we can copy IDE preferences from one machine to another and across the team.  A pet peev of mine is people having different code formatting settings.  Complete with multiple selectable profiles.. That would be cool


Oh no - please do not force users to become part of a corporate (Adobe/Jetbrains) bot network.

I just completely de-adobereized my computer to get rid of all the cloud-, license-, application- and update manager crap working in the background without informing me what is being done. Adobe even installs an AAM (Application Manager) plugin in the browser (the most vulnerable component regarding security). Adobe might produce good graphic software but I do not trust them as security experts.

Jetbrains - please leave an option to handle installs/updates manually. If your tools turn into cloud based software, I am gone.




> Oh no - please do not force users to become part of a corporate (Adobe/Jetbrains) bot network.

This tool will be completely optional.


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