IntelliJ 2016.1 - Remote project from existing files


I am trying to setup a remote PHP project from existing files with IntelliJ 2016.1. All information I can find refers to PhpStorm, even the topics found under IntelliJ's "Support Home". But apparently there are differences between INtelliJ and PhpStorm in this respect. When I try to create a "New - Project from Existing Sources", I can only select a local folder and not the remote server I configured.

I use IntelliJ mostly for PHP and related web development work. I chose for IntelliJ and not PhpStorm, because I want to have access to other language features as well, for educational purposes. I was assured by JetBrains personnel that anything that can be done with PhpStorm, can also be achieved with IntelliJ. So either I am missing something completely, or I got the wrong advice and am stuck now :(

A quick solution is appreciated, since I am stuck now and under time pressure.

Pieter-Jan de Vries


This functionality is missing from IntelliJ IDEA. You need to copy remote files to the local system externally (using your favorite file manager, FTP or SFTP client), then set up a new project with the correct module type (PHP or Web), then configure Deployment to the remote host so that you can synchronize your local and remote files:


Not cool! Like I said, I chose IntelliJ because I was promised a super set, but at least the same functionality as PhpStorm. I had a PhpStorm license in fact, but switched to IntelliJ because that's what I was promised. I suggest you provide me with a PhpStorm upgrade at no cost, to solve this problem for situations like these.


Sorry for the inconvenience, our sales team will contact you regarding the PhpStorm license.


That's mighty descent of you. This is why I promote JetBrains to each and every developer I know :)

Thanks for your help.


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