flex: mxml SpriteVisualElement percent width and height shown as invalid Number value



just to notice that in mxml source, percent width/height are shown as error, e.g.:

<!-- 100% and 50% red colored, but they should have regular color  -->
<s:SpriteVisualElement id="svTest"
width="100%" height="50%" />

it affects all intellij versions I've worked so far (11 and so on)

please fix

thanx in advance
Marco Fusetti aka jaco

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Are you sure there is an error indicator in the gutter? What does the error description say?

Maybe it's just the color scheme?

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hi Serge, 

the error is I stated in the title of this topic: "invalid number value" here the view I obtain in those cases:

* note that also FeatureSectionLabel is a comp based on SpriteVisualElement
compilation is still ok, but I have always to check for inexistent errors.

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Marco, please file a bug report in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA, Flash_Flex subsystem.

I wish you did it 5 years ago in IntelliJ IDEA 11 times :)


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