How to cause build to fail on EL errors


How do I cause the build to fail when I have EL validation errors.

I changed the inspection "EL Validation in JSP" to be an error instead of a warning and I enabled Jasper Validation.

I can see the EL error underlined in red when I am looking at the JSP page in IDEA, but the project build and runs.  The EL error then causes a failure at run-time.

Can I have these errors cause an error and stop the build at compile time?

In a related question, if I refactor->rename a field on a form object, IDEA changes all the Java references, but not the JSP references.  IDEA knows about the connection, because I can hit command-B on the JSP page and jump to the form reference.

Do I have a configuration option set wrong, or does IDEA just not refactor the JSP files?

I just upgraded to IDEA Ultimate 2016.1, but I had this same issue in IDEA 14.x.

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Try enabling Validate on build for Jasper:

Inspections do not abort compilation: .

Refactoring not updating the references is a bug, please report at with a sample project and the steps to reproduce.


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